Looking to spice up your meal prep experience? Here are some great ideas for the chef on your list!

Wolfgang Puck 11-Piece Complete Kitchen Tool Kit SetAren’t kitchen gadgets just the coolest thing ever? Here’s my favorite kit

Rachel Ray Accessories- Pantryware Multi-Purpose BowlIf you love to cook you probably create a lot of mess when creating a meal.  THIS makes it oh so organized.  Can’t live without it

Artisanal Kitchen Supply® Marble Rolling Pin with Holder- If you roll out dough for noodles, or pies, or pizza…this is a must-have and it’s classy!

Rachel Ray Create Delicious Aluminum 13- piece non-stick cookware setHere’s my cook set…it’s lasted for years…great set, durable and a great buy

KitchenAid® Deluxe 4.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand MixerThere’s nothing better than being able to mix things perfectly PLUS being able to walk away for a minute to do other things.  Save your hands and arms! Get one of these